Night It Up! IS BACK!

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2022 Event Info

Dates: August 5-7, 2022

Location: Downtown Markham by The Remington Group
179 Enterprise Boulevard, Markham, ON
L6G 1B3

Hours of Operation:

  • Friday 7PM to Midnight
  • Saturday 2PM to Midnight
  • Sunday 2PM to 8PM
  • After a long hiatus due to COVID-19, Night It Up! is back for 2022 like never before! We are very excited to introduce you all to a brand new and revitalized Night It Up!. Thank you to all of our partners, sponsors, and community members for their continued support that makes Night It Up! possible every year. Mark your calendars, we look forward to seeing you all there!

    About Us

    Night It Up! is an outdoor festival showcasing a mosaic of delicious Asian street foods complemented by local talents’ nightly performances, styled in the vein of night markets from Taiwan, Hong Kong and across Asia.

    Organized by Power Unit Youth Organization, Night It Up! is unique in our mission to encourage youth development while maintaining our commitment towards the community. Through donating our profits to a beneficiary, we hope to set a precedent in youth to learn, grow, and share.

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    Each year, passionate youth of Power Unit Youth Organization vote on a charitable initiative to support throughout the year. All on-site proceeds go towards a selected beneficiary charity. To date, Night It Up! and Power Unit Youth Organization has contributed over $143,000 to various charitable initiatives in the GTA.

    This year, we are honoured to partner up with ALS Double Play once again. The name ALS Double Play conveys the charity's mission to focus on two things, continue to raise awareness about amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and support research for a cure. This charity hosts various events to unite communities together to tell their stories and raise funds to step closer to their vision of making ALS history. All funds raised will be used towards the Christopher Chiu Fellowship for ALS research at the University of Toronto, one of Canada's largest and most internationally published ALS research labs.

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    Meet the Team

    Nancy Feng

    NIU! Chairperson

    Nancy Feng

    Hey! I'm Nancy and I'm currently studying business at Wilfrid Laurier University. I have been involved with PUYO for over 3 years now. I'm super excited to be the Chairperson for Night it Up! this year and to see how I can make a bigger impact in the community!

    Jonathan Kuang

    NIU! Vice-Chairperson

    Jonathan Kuang

    Throughout my six years of working within Power Unit and Night It Up!, I was able to able to improve my skills working with others as an individual, as well as working with a team. I was also able to work with our external partners to ensure that the partnerships continue today, as well as into the future.

    Longfei Chen

    NIU! Vice-Chairperson

    Longfei Chen

    Since joining Power Unit Youth Org. in 2017 participating in the Night It Up! Night Market project I've had the great opportunty to work with many talented indivduals in a diverse mix of industries gaining insight and skills to apply to my personal and professional career. The organization provided me with countless opportunities to grow and discover, I am excited to see what the future holds.

    Stephanie Ho

    Sales Director

    Stephanie Ho

    I was first introduced to Power Unit when I was spontaneously invited to volunteer at Night It Up! in 2019. There, I found a community that was driven and committed to executing successful events and passionate about helping the community. I’m excited to be a part of this year’s NIU! Team as the Sales Director and to bring our vision to life!

    Christie So

    Volunteer Resource Director

    Christie So

    Since initially volunteering for Night It Up! in 2016, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with amazing people and witness the effort that each participant contributes to bring this project to life year after year. Just as Power Unit has supported me in my growth, I look forward to doing the same for youth in the community to help them explore their capabilities and develop their leadership skills through teamwork and communication.

    Michelle Trinh

    Programming Director

    Michelle Trinh

    I am grateful for the skills I have developed throughout my years with PUYO. I have also developed excellent relationships with the talented team at PUYO and community members. To be able to create and maintain a big event like NIU! is not an easy task. I am always impressed by the work that the young leaders in our organization accomplish.

    Janet Wei

    Logistics Director

    Janet Wei

    PUYO has given me opportunities to grow as an individual and I'm grateful to have been a part of NiU! for a long time. Each year, I'm always reminded by why I keep coming back - the team and the community support are simply marvelous, and the skills I've developed from being a part of PUYO are priceless. I'm incredibly proud of what the team is able to accomplish every year, and I look forward to a new chapter for Night It Up! this year.

    Teresa Chen

    Marketing Director

    Teresa Chen

    Throughout my experiences working within PUYO and our flagship event Night It Up!, I have been able to grow, learn, and develop valuable skills all while getting to know my community. I am excited to see what the future holds as I am confident that, along with the rest of the organization, we will be able to achieve new heights together!

    Contact Us

    Want to be a Vendor?

    To get notified when booth sale dates are announced, or if you have any questions, email us at sales@power-unit.org.

    Want to be a Performer?

    If you are interested in performing, please note the following: Every year, Power Unit Youth Organization raises money for a charitable organization and donates the proceeds from NIU!. Thus, we are only looking for artists who are willing to perform without compensation.

    If you or your group is still interested in this opportunity, please fill out the form linked below.

    Want to be a Volunteer?

    Looking to gain hours and gain experience with NIU? Apply below! If you have any questions, please email us at volunteer@power-unit.org.

    Want to Partner with NIU!?

    NIU! is recognized as one of GTA’s largest summer events. Contact us to speak with a sponsorship representative on how to help your brand succeed at NIU!

    Have a media inquiry?

    Contact us at info@power-unit.org.

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    Want to learn more about our event? Reach out to us and we will respond as soon as we can!